Marinescence, a key player of the yachting industry SINCE 2007

As a leading recruitment company of the yachting industry, Marinescence interacts daily with more than 32,000 crew members and 4,000 yachts. Captains, stewardesses, chefs, mechanical engineers and more operate on 60.000 superyachts cruising the world’s bluest waters. Quite a market for brands targeting international travelers / technology lovers / adventure seekers and time optimizers with strong buying power.

Collecting and analyzing the data of thousands of users in real time

In 2017, Marinescence developed a unique technology that helps companies design and sell products targeted for the yachting audience. It collects and analyzes the data of thousands of users in real time: geolocation, contact details, employment history, lifestyle habits, preferences and more. Any specific data can be customized.

"Our technology scaleS up businesses. Our data becomes their revenues"

Marinescence’s platform interacts daily with its thousands of users so they keep their profile up-to-date and receive yacht job offers. Through automated communication and filtering tools, the team identifies opportunities and introduces targeted goods and services.